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emit_digraph - Generate Graph Images

Emit ships with a command-line program to inspect a graph: emit_digraph. Use it to generate graphs like this:


emit_digraph will output the code graphviz needs to properly generate the graph. (You’ll need graphviz installed on your machine for this to render properly.) To use it, pass it the path of your router. (for example, emit_digraph app.router in the Celery example.) The output should look something like this:

digraph router {
"tasks.clean_words" -> "tasks.tally_words";
"tasks.clean_text" -> "tasks.clean_words";
"tasks.tweet_text" -> "tasks.count_messages";
"__entry_point" -> "tasks.tweet_text";

to make graphviz generate a PNG of the graph, pipe it into the following command:

emit_digraph app.router | dot -T png -o graph.png

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