Emit is set up to handle logging using Python’s standard logger. It currently uses the following levels:

  • DEBUG: task registration and calls - very verbose
  • INFO: route registration, receipts

So far there’s been no need for anything above INFO, but that may change in the future.

Setting Up Logging

In some file (I recommend the file where the router is initialized, but your project may vary) insert the following lines:

import logging
logging.basicConfig(format='%(levelname)s:%(message)s', level=logging.DEBUG) # or INFO etc.

Setting Up Logging in Django

In your logging config, add a logger for “emit”. Like so:

    # snip formatters, filters, handlers, etc
    'loggers': {
        # other loggers here
        'emit': {
            'handlers': ['console'],
            'level': 'INFO',

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